Finishing Options
Our vinyl, mesh, and fabric banners can all be trimmed and finished with various options including grommets, hemmed edges, reinforced webbing, and pole pockets. We've outlined these options below and when they are typically used based on the size of the banners and how and where you need to hang the banners.

Grommets are brass rings that are normally 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter. They are inserted along the edges of the banner as needed. Because you can hang the banner using rope, zip ties, or anchors inserted through the grommets, they are the most common and versatile method used to hang banners. For smaller banner, grommets in the corners may suffice for most applications. For larger banners, we would recommend hemming the edges and inserting the grommets through the hemmed edges for added strength. To learn how your artwork should be set up to accommodate grommets, please visit our file setup page.

Hemmed edges are created by folding 1.25" of vinyl over to the back of the banner and then stitching or heat welding the 2 layers together. Because the grommets are inserted through 2 layers of vinyl along the hemmed edges, this greatly increases the banner and helps ensure the grommets to do not tear out. We highly recommend having the edges hemmed on all outdoor vinyl banners and for large indoor banners as well. To learn the appropriate bleed or extra vinyl required in your artwork setup to accommodate hemming, please visit our file setup page.

Nylon Webbing
Reinforced webbing is a cross-stitched nylon strip that is heat welded or sewn inside of the hem. Webbing is typically used on very large format or grand format banners for maximum strength and durability. When webbing is used, the grommets are now going through 2 layers of vinyl and the webbing. These greatly reduces the risk of the grommets tearing out in wind or from the sheet weight of the banner.

Pole Pockets
Pole pockets are created by folding over extra vinyl and stitching or heat welding it to the back of the banner, creating a pocket where a pole will slide into. Pole pockets are traditionally placed along the top and bottom edges of the banner. The top pole is usually attached to the ceiling or other structure above using ropes or cables, while a dowel rod or pvc pipe is inserted into the bottom pocket for extra weight to hold the banner taught and help it lie flat. Pole pockets can be used on the left and right side, if you have an existing pole system in place. Some frame systems for hanging banners on the side of buildings or other structure require pole pockets on all 4 sides.


Banner Installations:

We want to make sure your banner(s) last as long as possible.  Below is a list of installation techniques for vinyl banners.

Unless otherwise requested, all vinyl banners automatically come with metal grommets and are ready-to-hang. Grommets are metal rings that are placed around the edges of the banner approximately every 2 feet for easy, balanced hanging. Grommets allow you to hang your banner using various accessories, such as rope, bungee cords, nails, zip ties, and suction cups.  We add D-Rings, O-Rings, 1" nylon webbing reinforcement, and more.  Also, our banners are custom stitched, not taped.  Our sewing materials are UV resistant, and pre-shrunk, providing durable finished edges to minimize deterioration and elminate shrinkage.

how to hang a vinyl banner with rope

Hanging with Rope:

Thread a piece of rope through the top row of grommets, leaving equal amounts of rope hanging from each end. Thread another piece of rope through the bottom grommets and tie the ropes to support poles. This process creates an even balance of weight and reduces pressure on the banner.

how to hang a vinyl banner with bungee cords

Hanging with Bungee Cords:

Wrap a bungee cord around each support pole or tree and hook each cord into one of the banner’s corner grommets. This will require at least 4 bungee cords (one for each corner).

how to hang a vinyl banner with zip ties

Hanging with Zip Ties:

Zip ties are best for displaying your banner on a fence. They can be wrapped around the fencing and zip-tied through the grommets.

how to hang a vinyl banner against a building

Hanging Against a Building:

Lay the banner against the side of the building with the grommets flush against it. Place a washer over the grommet and follow it with a screw to secure the banner to the wall of the building. This is best for long-term outdoor banners because it will reduce the amount of force on banner when exposed to outdoor elements.

add pole pockets to a banner

Hanging on a Banner Stand or Backdrop Frame:

Most banner stands and large backdrop frames will require pole pocket finishing. This option uses stitching to create a pocket along the top, bottom, or sides of the banner. The framing can be run through the pockets of the banner, offering extra stability in a free-standing frame. If using a banner stand, make sure to follow the directions that come with your specific stand.

pole banners

Using Pole Banners:

Most pole banners require pole pocket finishing and grommets. These pole banners are connected to a street light or pole using light pole brackets. A bracket is run through the top and bottom pole pockets and then hooked through a grommet. Follow your pole bracket’s instructions for the best results.

storing your banners

Storing Your Banners:

When storing your banner, roll it with the graphics facing inward to prevent damage or scratches on the printing. Never fold your banner because it will crease the material. Proper care and handling will improve the longevity of your banner.

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